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Stepping Back


The Peddie's


David and Heather Peddie have been able to take a step back from the business and allow transition to happen in God’s timing.

Peddie Roofing & Waterproofing Ltd. is a Calgary-based commercial roofing contractor that began in 1981 with 4 employees in the Peddie’s home garage. The first 3 years were the most challenging. They took on huge financial commitments to purchase equipment and vehicles only to see changing oil prices cause a downturn in the economy which negatively impacted sales. It was nip and tuck, but through it all they were able to meet their financial obligations. David and Heather are prayer warriors who say, “God owns it all, and the success of the business is because it is bathed in prayer.” When challenges arrive, the first thing they do is it take them to God in prayer. Today, Peddie Roofing provides superior flat roof, new roof, reroof, maintenance and repair services, and has become an industry leader employing 130 people. David’s first major role was hiring a superintendent and training him. Then he kept his focus on contacting potential customers, visiting the sites, estimating, submitting proposals and doing onsite inspections. Finding the right people who could do the work and would stay long term was a constant challenge but they do have a number of great employees who have been with them for many years and that is a blessing from God.

David still regularly comes into the office and works in any capacity that is needed, but is transitioning his role and ‘letting go of the reins’. He now has the privilege to offer his sons his wisdom, experience and guidance. Heather was home during the early years of the company, raising their two boys, but was always in the background supporting David through prayer and just being there for him. In 1992, she came into the company taking on a number of responsibilities – marketing, purchasing supplies, and helping with anything that was needed. She got involved in building maintenance, project estimating, and even starting a new decking division under the umbrella of Peddie Roofing. After 13 years of going up and down ladders (that was making David nervous) she ‘safely’ returned to the office. She was now in her element working in human resources. Heather is an encourager and loved this new role as it gave her the opportunity to be a blessing to the staff. Today, she still goes into the office 2 days a week, purely to support the team.

Around 10 years ago, they sensed they needed advice for their own personal financial affairs and a succession plan for the business. While attending a ministry conference, they met a gentleman who recommended Covenant and they were thrilled to find a wealth advisor that upheld and applied biblical principles along with their technical counsel.

Heather stills remembers their first meeting. She said, “The connection was made and we just amazingly connected”. They opened in prayer and the journey began.

For 10 years now, Covenant has been providing David and Heather with integrated stewardship planning including: personal financial planning, including being financially independent outside of the business; business succession planning; and philanthropy planning that aligns their wealth system with their vision to do more in ministry. David indicated that insights into personalities, relationships and career profiles using The Birkman Method® was instrumental in building unity among the family and staff, and getting the right people in the right positions.

Through working with Covenant, David and Heather have been able to take a step back from the business and allow transition to happen in God’s timing. As a result of the game plan developed with Covenant, business decisions are now being made by those taking over and working in the business. They encourage their sons, Colin and Ashley, to continue working with Covenant as they help work through all of the family and business dynamics.

The Peddie’s have personally expressed their appreciation for the encouragement and support that Covenant has given, and especially for coming alongside them in prayer. The family enjoys working with Covenant and believe the blessings they have received through the relationship, “are a gift from God”. Today, they are reaping the rewards of hard work and are joyfully watching the plans unfold. David and Heather are ready and equipped for their next season of life and are looking forward to the future. Heather said, “I don’t think the word retirement is in God’s vocabulary”. God has blessed the business and now they have the opportunity to use what God has blessed them with, to be generous with their time, talent and treasure.

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Covenant Family Wealth Advisors' certified financial advisors and business succession planning experts help guide families through the technical and emotional aspects of managing wealth, estate planning and business succession. Our experienced financial management team uses a Christian perspective that is rarely found in traditional financial planning, and we work closely with you to develop a personal Holistic Stewardship Plan that encompasses financial planning, estate planning, family business transition and philanthropy.

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