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Motoring Forward

Moving forward doesn’t have to mean letting go of what you love. 

Ernie listened to the farmers. His passion was to bring them new and innovative farming equipment solutions. He knew that farmers do not take investments in equipment lightly. The hallmark of Loewen equipment is customer satisfaction delivered through strength and reliability.

About ten years ago, Ernie and Betty were looking for help with financial planning and were referred to Covenant by a farming customer and friend. Covenant’s application of biblical principles to matters of wealth proved a perfect fit. Over the years, Covenant has helped the Loewen family in many areas: estate plans; contract development; wealth management, insurance, and ultimately, family business transition. Transitioning the business was particularly challenging for Ernie, but not for the reasons you might think.

It really wasn’t about him. Ernie remembered the long hours and hard work, the stress of economic change, competition, and tough situations; he was concerned for his family. He even considered selling, but his family wanted to carry on what their dad had started. Following God and living by faith, he realized his children had the skills to succeed and they were willing to take the risks of owning and running a business.

Business transition is both a technical and emotional journey. As Ernie slowly let go of the reins, the love and gratification his grown children had for the business became evident. More than anything, it was their love for God and each other that allowed the transition to succeed. Stepping away from day-to-day operations, Ernie is free to take on jobs he enjoys or just stop in for a visit. He still gets great pleasure from personally delivering equipment to customers. Although the business officially transitioned in 2011, his wisdom and insight gained through decades of experience, hard work, and problem solving continue to bring value to the business. Ernie and Betty are thrilled to see the business continue, founded on its roots, but their greatest satisfaction comes from knowing their family love and respect them as business persons and parents.

These days, Ernie and Betty enjoy time with their grandchildren, going to the family lake property, taking the entire family on vacation, and attending church events. Whatever they are doing, everyone knows it will revolve around a really great meal. Ernie and Betty still have fun doing life with family and business. What a blessing!

Over the years, Covenant may have learned as much from Ernie as he has from us and it is the relationships we have built with the Loewen family that we appreciate the most.

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Covenant Family Wealth Advisors' certified financial advisors and business succession planning experts help guide families through the technical and emotional aspects of managing wealth, estate planning and business succession. Our experienced financial management team uses a Christian perspective that is rarely found in traditional financial planning, and we work closely with you to develop a personal Holistic Stewardship Plan that encompasses financial planning, estate planning, family business transition and philanthropy.

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