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No Need to Worry About Money

Money, for most people, is a great source of worry. Most people worry they do not have enough, those that have enough, worry about looking after what they have. The wonderful truth is we were never designed to worry about money!

“God knows we have to acquire things to keep on living, and that such a life of dependency and uncertainty can produce fear, worry and anxiety. But more than that, God wants us to know that He knows, and that He is using our dependency to produce faith in our Provider.” * Matthew 6:25-32 makes it very clear that God has our backs, knows our needs and is willing and able to meet our needs because we are so valuable to Him.

The challenge comes in where we place our loyalty. Our culture says we are independent and self-made; if we believe this lie, the focus and responsibility to meet our needs is all ours. One serious health issue will confirm, that the truth is we are interdependent. If instead, we place our loyalty in the Creator of the universe, our focus will be on getting to know Him and His priorities and aligning with His views on wealth. Matthew 6 promises that when we pursue God’s agenda, He will provide us with the resources to accomplish His purposes and meet our needs. We were made to be interdependent. Trusting God as our Provider allows us to no longer worry about money.

It takes some effort to overcome our habit of forgetting about God’s desire to be personally involved in our lives. Initially, we question if God really has our best interests at heart or if He will really meet our family’s needs. When we begin to trust Him, our faith and confidence grows when He fulfills His promise of meeting our needs (Philippians 4:19).

Consequently, as long as we feel He cannot or will not meet our needs, we carry the weight of believing that it is all up to us.

Our heavenly Father is a gentleman, He will not impose His ways on us. We are left with a choice – operate as the one in control and carry the weight and the worry this entails, or recognize God’s love and concern for us, align our views with the One who is in control, and rest in Him. The latter allows us to eliminate worry and enjoy the adventure of seeing the Provider meet our needs in fulfilling His purposes for us.

*Wills, David, Parker, Terry & Sperry, Greg (2015) Family. Money. National Christian Foundation, page 35.

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