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Covenant Testimonial

Brian's Testimonial

I am pleased to express my thanks for the work of Covenant Family Wealth Advisors.

As I came closer to the end of the earning phase of my vocational life, I found there were questions related to our ongoing needs, projections of income requirements and needs of family.

It was encouraging to have a sure hand to guide us though questions and provide counsel on how we might best decide on a variety of issues.

Careful to ensure that our wishes were taken into account, they provided professional and practical help in laying out scenarios of possibilities, respecting our needs, preferences and expectations. In the end we have what is needed for our planning.

This makes it easier to see the way forward having in hand documents, which ensure a smoother transition into retirement and cover the many unexpected factors, which surely will occur. Our children will be provided for in ways consistent with our own finances and the executor will have clear guidance on how we would wish our estate to be resolved.

I’m grateful for their expertise and would willingly suggest their services to others who also search for an understanding in matching legal and financial laws and requirements with their own hopes and desires.

Lily and I are so much better off in having been served by Covenant Wealth Family Advisors. We are grateful.

Brian C. Stiller
Glober Ambassador
The World Evangelical Alliance

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Covenant Family Wealth Advisors' certified financial advisors and business succession planning experts help guide families through the technical and emotional aspects of managing wealth, estate planning and business succession. Our experienced financial management team uses a Christian perspective that is rarely found in traditional financial planning, and we work closely with you to develop a personal Holistic Stewardship Plan that encompasses financial planning, estate planning, family business transition and philanthropy.

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