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Covenant Foundation

Covenant Foundation


Practicing generosity can be simple in theory. The legal and tax environment we live in demands careful planning in order to optimize your personal objectives, the beneficiaries' interests, and the funds involved. Maybe you want to give now but haven't yet decided how you want the funds used. Perhaps you need to give now to achieve a tax-planning strategy but need more time to decide where the funds should go?

Covenant Foundation was established to facilitate giving now while providing you with the luxury to decide when and where the funds will go.

  • Fulfill your giving objectives and realize valuable tax advantages by giving now
  • Have the time to consider how to best fulfill your philanthropic intentions
  • Gain a better platform for inviting others to join you in the practice of your philanthropy
  • Establish an enduring endowment
  • Gain a mechanism for giving anonymously should you want to

Anonymous Giving

Where desired, the Covenant Foundation allows you to make donations anonymously and still receive the same tax benefits. Charities of your choosing can receive gifts from "Covenant Foundation" on behalf of an anonymous donor.

Unbiased Giving

Covenant Foundation is an affiliate of the Canadian National Christian Foundation, a federally incorporated charitable Public Foundation serving the needs of the Christian community. While Covenant works with clients to identify their overriding financial and philanthropic objectives, we do not recommend or solicit on behalf of any specific charities.

Family. Wealth. Harmony.®

Covenant Family Wealth Advisors' certified financial advisors and business succession planning experts help guide families through the technical and emotional aspects of managing wealth, estate planning and business succession. Our experienced financial management team uses a Christian perspective that is rarely found in traditional financial planning, and we work closely with you to develop a personal Holistic Stewardship Plan that encompasses financial planning, estate planning, family business transition and philanthropy.

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